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Braided Necklace
Braided Necklace
Braided Necklace

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14 k Gold Bracelet

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Nine & Co brown bag
Black Handbag Chic
Kate Spade Backpack
Small brown leather bag
Old Navy
Stone Mountain
Dark Blue Hnadbag

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Orange is the New Pink

Orange is the New Pink

Mix of fun and professional things - usually things loved in the dressing room but with never quite the right place to wear.

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Women at Work

Women At Work is a career and job resource center with a mission to help clients reach their full employment and earnings potential in a supportive environment. We provide employme ...

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Gigi Your Personal Shopper

Gigi, Your Personal Shopper
Gigi is your personal shopper and her job is to be on the lookout for apparel you want, but did not find during your visit.